Oh the IDEA of the 50's housewife. Pictures of "crack happy" women doing their daily chores, while dressed to perfection. Or dancing around, like they are in heaven admiring their perfectly clean kitchens and bathrooms. Doing the laundry, making the food. But most of all... Happy, Happy, Happy..
While i believe it is a task to be a mother, wife and person of your own in any era, the 1950's pushed the mark of needing perfection. It can be hard to fit so many roles into any life, but without being able to express unhappiness of your own and probably no time for yourself, its no wonder "Prozac Happy" women all through out the 50's cracked at some point.
I love, that with the web, you can see films of history. Actual people going about their daily lives, in an era we never knew. I am constantly looking for windows into the past and will keep sharing them with you. I hope you like the picks.. Enjoy..
Beautiful hand painted film from the late 1800's. I even love the little scratches on the film.