Travel with us now to a world of the strange, mysterious and odd.... Told in two different styles, in two different times. See how to bring the fashion into your life too... The Soap Opera, the fashion, the movie, the costumes... Get the look... new and old...

Halloween is coming closer each day... HOORAY!!!... I thought to share a bit of old school Tim Burton with you. For those diehard fans, I'm sure you've already seen it many a times. If you haven't, then kick off your pre-Halloween celebration by watching this fabulous short. This jewel is from 1982, narrated by the fabulous Vincent Price & already shows the Tim that we know & love. His style is nothing short of amazing.......

"I'm not a Brewster, I'm the son of a sea cook!" One of my favorite movies of all time, "Arsenic & Old Lace", Still stands the test of time. With the gorgeous, funny & talented Cary Grant, paired with an amazing cast of "characters".

Roller Skating -  whether you did it as a child on your block, were a disco diva on the dance floor or kicked some ass as a roller derby girl, no one can deny the appeal of the roller skate..

I love, that with the web, you can see films of history. Actual people going about their daily lives, in an era we never knew. I am constantly looking for windows into the past and will keep sharing them with you. I hope you like the picks.. Enjoy..
Beautiful hand painted film from the late 1800's. I even love the little scratches on the film.