Hats!! I love hats. I find it a little sad that hats have lost there place in fashion. While some people still wear them now and then, they have lost there place in the daily wardrobe. Here is a look at some Chic, Bold, Beautiful and .. well.. "interesting" hats through out the years.
I love, love, love, love hats!!! They can change your outfit dramatically. A little net or feather, a brim or flower. Elegant, crazy, classic or cute. Even though a lot of people have been bringing it back slowly, its something I really wish would have a huge comeback. And baseball hats don't count... Yuck..

I love, that with the web, you can see films of history. Actual people going about their daily lives, in an era we never knew. I am constantly looking for windows into the past and will keep sharing them with you. I hope you like the picks.. Enjoy..
Beautiful hand painted film from the late 1800's. I even love the little scratches on the film.