I love, that with the web, you can see films of history. Actual people going about their daily lives, in an era we never knew. I am constantly looking for windows into the past and will keep sharing them with you. I hope you like the picks.. Enjoy..
Beautiful hand painted film from the late 1800's. I even love the little scratches on the film.
Over the years of selling vintage, I must have heard a thousand times "vintage people were so small and skinny, I can never find anything in "big" sizes." Well, while the height has increased through the eras as well as the percentage of obesity, people were not "small". Look at pictures and watch the films. The average man and woman were plump and not to fit. Even in eras where less shape, such as the 20's, was admired, the people were still not always thin. Many of the women throughout history, including Marilyn Monroe would be considered "plus size" in today's modern size chart. Being super thin and fit is a modern thing. There are a few reasons, why you can find smaller items more so then larger. Firstly, many times smaller items were not sold to begin with, I have gone to old businesses and found (new old stock) items and they are always very small and large items. Secondly, Averaged sized items do not make it to "our time" mostly because they have been either worn out by the person who wore them, or already sold once or twice again and used to threadbare. Third, many times what you are finding are clothes that belonged to teenagers and kids. Remember that young girls and boys dressed pretty nice back in the day and unless when was wearing a corset, no woman in any era had an 18 inch waist as an adult. Lastly, normal sized items were always the first to go in my store, leaving what appears to be, more smaller items (which sell slower, usually to the same tiny girl with a huge vintage collection). Hope that helps.. :)
These girls are the Cutest... Cutest.. Cutest!!! Do you ever wonder if you lived in the wrong Era.. Maybe we all think that about the times "before our time". But look.. So much dancing and silliness.. What fun...
I love to travel, but there are so many places where you feel the vibe of the city, but it seems like you showed up 30min after the party finished. I wish I could have seen these places in their heyday. Classic Hollywood, New Orleans in the "Jazz Era", London in the 60's, Paris, so many, many places all over the world. Things have changed, for the better and worse and will never be the same. Oh to time travel..
6/2/2011 09:32:38 am


J. Hackleheber
7/10/2011 06:24:19 pm

We are so often exposed to history as great happenings surrounding major events that we forget all the wonder and glory that is everyone and everything else. Not every bit of history is wars and mass migrations and major conflagrations. Most history is ephemera and lipstick traces and I think this blog is helpful in seeing the world through the common people,their fashions and dances and their day to day lives...it is wonderful and a very unique view.


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