Sunshine, good food, good friends, fireworks & celebrating what you love about this country. Here is a look at some history of 4th of July.
Blowin Stuff Up!!!
Nothing says 4th of July like giving your kids guns & firecrackers & letting them go nuts. I mean, child safety laws.. not in those days. One kid is shooting at a cat, another has a little sword & is shooting in the air. While others try to get dogs, people sitting by the lake or my personal favorite, letting the 4 year old put them around his neck while lighting them... Ah... good times....
Add a Little AMERICA to Your Day
Really cute ideas new & old, ways to celebrate America with vintage flare & style. Add a little something extra to your party with vintage elements in the decor, food, gifts & games. Get creative & use things you already have around the house.
Patriotic Pin-up
All these girls are super adorable. Who could pay attention to the holiday if you have girls running around looking like that.. God Bless America.... lol..
The Good Ole' Days
While some of the antique pictures below are pretty cute, what in the .... is up with this Uncle Sam??? Not sure if he is made of wood, wax or what, but he is super creepy. Come on everybody.. lets celebrate America with a creepy guy in a costume.


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