Roller Skating -  whether you did it as a child on your block, were a disco diva on the dance floor or kicked some ass as a roller derby girl, no one can deny the appeal of the roller skate..
--Back In The Day--
The first roller skate was patened in 1790, but I can't imagine it was even close to what we use now. In 1863 it was revamped for more control & easier use. By the 1920's it had become a much more popular form of "entertainment" & just moved up from there....
--A Pair For You A Pair for Me--
I know that I have owned some crazy looking roller skates throughout the years. I'm sure you had at least a pair or two of these as well...
--Disco Fever... Oh How I Love The 70's--
Roller figure skating, Roller rinks, Disco roller dancing, Workouts, Derby & good ole' fashioned rolling down the boardwalk or street. There was a whole lot of roller skating going on in the 70's.... Roller Skating "In Style" too.....  "I've got to spend my life on wheels"
--Some Things Are So Odd--
Pictures of kooky roller skates.... or kooky people in roller skates. Just something fun to look at really & maybe even have a little giggle. That's what I love about the world, not matter what era you live in, there will ALWAYS be weird people doing weird things... Thank Goodness......
--The KICK ASS Women Of Roller Derby--
Roller "Derbies" started out in thw 1880's-1920's as endurance races for the most part. They began touring & doing more "shows" shortly after. By the 60's and 70's more of a sport competitions were popular.
To me there is nothing better than a woman who can kick ass. Modern roller derby is the best too, because woman have mixed fashion in as well. Be beautiful, fashionable and a force to be reckoned with, that's how to do it right...
4/20/2015 12:43:49 am

What is the source for your pictures? I'm so intrigued by a certain one. Please e-mail me with info! :)


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