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Show off your sexiness, unique fashion sense and appreciation for all the funky, cute, sexy, sassy ladies of yesteryear..
Funky, Freaky or Fabulous... Love em or hate em, there is something to be said about the platform. Sometimes elegant, some times sexy and sometimes... Pretty darn funny. But don't just pass them off as a fashion statement of the 1970's. These bad boys were popular way back, throughout multiple cultures and time periods.
Platforms have been worn throughout history by men and women.
Worn by Geisha through many eras, Egyptians and Turkish. 16th century Venetian courtesans as well as Japanese and Chinese nobility. 18th century European nobility were said to have worn quite high platform shoes to avoid the "muck" of the street.

While worn mostly in early history by the "upper class" platforms were also used in ancient Greece to raise the height of important character in Greek theater and in Asian stage/opera performances.

No matter what, through history, the platform has had a dramatic affect on fashion......
While its popularity has gone up and down, it really stuck and stayed in mainstream European and American fashion around the 1930s.  The 30s -50s had pretty and colorful platforms with some people pushing the color and height to the edge. Styles shifted to a bit more funky to obnoxious in the 1960s and 1970s. This still continues on to today, some are practically stilts..... 
Wood & Cork-
this is my favorite and in my opinion the most consistently wearable option for platforms. For me there is just something about a super cute pair of cork or wood heels, wedge, slides or platforms...
Worn by ROCKSTARS and funky fashionistas alike. These towering testaments to fashion are really fun to look at....
St. John Wittgenshire-Askew
7/10/2011 05:36:01 pm

Stacks, a sadly lost art form. Although still worn, they have lost the charm that they once possessed. Lovely find.


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